Forbidden Paleontology

Forbidden Paleontology is a weekly show with in-depth stories of the fascinating world of fossils and the controversial battle between the evolutionary view of origins and the Biblical view, from a man who has been thoroughly involved in every aspect of fossils for 40 years.


Date: 02-20-2020
Title: Topic: Giant Elephants in England!

DOWNLOAD - FPR022020KGRA - Forbidden Paleontology - Giant Elephants in England.mp3

Date: 02-13-2020
Title: Topic: Joe Hubbard talks Fossils in the UK!

DOWNLOAD - FPR021320KGRA - Forbidden Paleontology - Joe Hubbard.mp3

Date: 01-30-2020
Title: Joe Hubbard - Joe and the Killer Kangaroos

DOWNLOAD - FPR013020KGRA - Forbidden Paleontology - Joe Hubbard - Joe and the Killer Kangaroos.mp3

Date: 00-30-2020
Title: Show Topic: Little Peoples

DOWNLOAD - FPR0030520KGRA - Joe Taylor - Little Peoples.mp3

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