Truth Theorem Radio Unleashed

TTR Unleashed is the re-brand of Truth Theorem Radio which began in 2010 with as three friends gathering in a local coffee shop here in Ogden, Utah. People began to gather and listen to these conversations and they soon made their way into podcasting. The guys would explore fringe topics like paranormal activity, UFOlogy, and cryptozoology, and very quickly gained an underground following with their unique “question everything with a smile” style of delivery. They co-founded (our flagship station) and went on to make quite a stir in the fringe communities.

Fast forward to 2016 after a year long hiatus, the guys decided to expand their horizons in business and personal life by partnering with a healer/psychic/artist by the name of AJ Rasmussen to create the store Vibez – Mind, Body, Spirit ( and from that day, each of our lives have changed dramatically. Skepticism has turned to belief in some regards. Most importantly, though, our worlds have completely OPENED to possibilities we never imagined.

The themes of TTR Unleashed’s shows remain on the outside of “normal” life. We like to speak with people who challenge the status quo and seek more from life and want to share themselves and their ideas with the world.


Date: 05-05-2017
Title: Episode 6.22 with Mark Grenon and The Wizard, Travis Rasmussen

DOWNLOAD - TTRU050517KGRA - TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.22 - Mark Grenon And Travis Rasmussen.mp3

Date: 04-07-2017
Title: TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.20 with Sterlin Lujan

DOWNLOAD - TTRU040717KGRA - TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.20 - Sterlin Lujan.mp3

Date: 03-24-2017
Title: Episode 6.19 with Gleb Tsipursky and Race Hobbs

DOWNLOAD - TTRU032417KGRA - TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.19 - Gleb Tsipursky And Race Hobbs.mp3

Date: 03-17-2017
Title: Episode 6.18 with Stan Deyo

DOWNLOAD - TTRU031717KGRA - TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.18 - Stan Deyo.mp3

Date: 03-10-2017
Title: Episode 6.17 - Commander Cobra & Mark Grenon

DOWNLOAD - TTRU031017KGRA -TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.17 - With Commander Cobra and Mark Grenon.mp3

Date: 03-03-2017
Title: Episode 6.16 - Allan Knight And Jeff Troseth

DOWNLOAD - TTRU030317KGRA -TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.16 - Allan Knight And Jeff Troseth.mp3

Date: 02-24-2017
Title: Episode 6.15 - Lisa Dalton And Steve Aukstakalnis With Guest Host: AJ Rasmussen

DOWNLOAD - TTRU022417KGRA -TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.15 - Lisa Dalton And Steve Aukstakalnis .mp3

Date: 02-17-2017
Title: Episode 6.14 -Nancy Byrne And Pat Daniels With Guest Hosts: Jeff Troseth And Jake Linnell

DOWNLOAD - TTRU021717KGRA -TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.14 - Nancy Byrne And Pat Daniels.mp3

Date: 02-10-2017
Title: Episode 6.13 with Katie Montana Jordan

DOWNLOAD - TTRU021017KGRA -TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.13 - With Katie Montana Jordan.mp3

Date: 02-03-2017
Title: Episode 6.12 with Stephanie Osborn and Aaron Frazier

DOWNLOAD - TTRU020317KGRA -TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.12 - Stephanie Osborn and Aaron Frazier.mp3

Date: 01-20-2017
Title: Episode 6.11 Tracee Sioux & Jill Hanson

DOWNLOAD - TTRU012017KGRA -TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.11 - Tracee Sioux And Jill Hanson.mp3

Date: 01-13-2017
Title: Episode 6.10 with Dr. Dawson Church & Jake Linnell

DOWNLOAD - TTRU011317KGRA -TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.10 - Dr Dawson Church & Jake Linnell.mp3

Date: 01-06-2017
Title: Episode 6.09 - Ellen Jorgensen And Sarah Elliston

DOWNLOAD - TTRU010617KGRA - TTR Unleashed - Episode 6.09 - Ellen Jorgensen And Sarah Elliston.mp3

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