Task Force Gryphon

A Gryphon is a spiritual and mystical “hybirdized” creature of know animals of our world, eagles and lions. It has many legends of divinity, guardianship, and seeker of truth. It serves as an excellent symbol and metaphor for the show. Each week the exploration is on for the paranormal, extraterrestrial, conspiracy, black-special operations program, geo-political, and often the intersection of a topic in all these dimensions. It is in a parallel track to the many great shows on KGRA. As often described to guests and sponsors when working them for an interview on the show it can and will go from serious to silly and everywhere in between in less than sixty seconds and return.


Date: 12-17-2017
Title: Ross Sharp John Lilley And Marc D'Antonio

DOWNLOAD - TFG121717KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Ross Sharp John Lilley And Marc D'Antonio.mp3

Date: 12-10-2017
Title: Tyler Rogoway And Don Ecker

DOWNLOAD - TFG121017KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Tyler Rogoway And Don Ecker.mp3

Date: 12-03-2017
Title: Mellanie Ramsey And Mike Stevens

DOWNLOAD - TFG120317KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Mellanie Ramsey And Mike Stevens.mp3

Date: 10-22-2017
Title: Scott And Suzanne Ramsey And Dr Frank Thayer

DOWNLOAD - TFG102217KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Scott And Suzanne Ramsey And Dr Frank Thayer.mp3

Date: 10-15-2017
Title: Tom Verde And Larry Dandridge

DOWNLOAD - TFG101517KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Tom Verde And Larry Dandridge.mp3

Date: 08-27-2017
Title: Special Guest: Don Daniels

DOWNLOAD - TFG082717KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Don Daniels.mp3

Date: 07-23-2017
Title: Guests John Billings And James Madison

DOWNLOAD - TFG072317KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - John Billings And James Madison.mp3

Date: 07-16-2017
Title: Guest Marc D'Antonio

DOWNLOAD - TFG071617KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Marc D'Antonio.mp3

Date: 07-02-2017
Title: Guests Michael Rogers And James R Hannibal

DOWNLOAD - TFG070217KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Michael Rogers And James R Hannibal.mp3

Date: 06-25-2017
Title: Guest Robert Stanley

DOWNLOAD - TFG062517KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Robert Stanley.mp3

Date: 06-18-2017
Title: Guest John Lear

DOWNLOAD - TFG061817KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - John Lear.mp3

Date: 06-11-2017
Title: Guest Brian O'Hara

DOWNLOAD - TFG061117KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Brian O'Hara.mp3

Date: 06-09-2017
Title: Michael Schratt And Lorraine Babee

DOWNLOAD - TFG060917KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Michael Schratt And Lorraine Babee.mp3

Date: 06-05-2017
Title: Guest Tyler Rogoway

DOWNLOAD - TFG060517KGRA - Task Force Gryphon- Tyler Rogoway.mp3

Date: 05-14-2017
Title: Guest Juan Juan

DOWNLOAD - TFG051417KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Juan Juan.mp3

Date: 05-07-2017
Title: Guest Mary Joyce

DOWNLOAD - TFG050717KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Mary Joyce.mp3

Date: 04-30-2017
Title: Guest Steve Melito

DOWNLOAD - TFG043017KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Steve Melito.mp3

Date: 04-16-2017
Title: Guest: Mr Rios

DOWNLOAD - TFG041617KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Mr Rios.mp3

Date: 04-09-2017
Title: Guests: Ralph & Marsha Ring

DOWNLOAD - TFG040917KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Ralph And Marsha Ring.mp3

Date: 04-02-2017
Title: Guest: Ross Sharp

DOWNLOAD - TFG040217KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Ross Sharp.mp3

Date: 03-19-2017
Title: Task force Gryphon Guest Ralph Ring

DOWNLOAD - TFG031917KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Ralph Ring.mp3

Date: 02-25-2017
Title: Fight 800 with Jack Cashill

DOWNLOAD - TFG022517KGRA - Task Force Gryphon - Jack Cashill.mp3

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