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The History of “The Starborn Connection Radio Show”

“The Starborn Connection Radio Show” is celebrating its fifth year of broadcasting. The show was conceived and born in November, 2012 by “Starborn Support of Southeastern Pennsylvania.” Coordinator and (at that time) producer of the show. The show started broadcasting the end of March, 2013. The show featured yours truly (Michael Austin Melton), Julia Yesner Weiss, Laura Weisser and Chris Augustin. Our medium at that time was Blog Talk Radio, and they served us well. We started to grow a fairly consistent audience, and in 2014 we were awarded “Radio Show of the Year, in the UFO category. After this award was received, one of our listeners – also a good friend, and well-connected in the field of Ufology – referred us to Mr. Race Hobbs.
After talking to Race, we left Blog Talk and migrated on over to KGRA. The opportunities there were second to none. We had a real producer, a great station; it was powerful, well-staffed with creative people handling artwork, promotion, and internet work. At KGRA, our audience grew exponentially as compared to Blog Talk, and I felt our show and we, the hosts (now just me and Julia) had found a new home. We are here, on the air, every Saturday night from 10pm to midnight. As one might expect, we continue to pursue the truth and the answers to the questions we as sentient human beings, meaning you the reader, the people from past ages and we, your hosts have been asking since man could raise his head up and gaze at the night sky. Are we alone? The answer is a strong and resounding “NO!”


Date: 02-11-2017
Title: Michael Melton Julia Weiss & Skywatcher

DOWNLOAD - SSR021117KGRA - The Starborn Connection - Michael Melton Julia Weiss & Skywatcher.mp3

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