Somewhere In The Skies

Somewhere in the Skies is a weekly show dedicated to discussing UFOs, the paranormal, and just plain weird. Hosted by author and UFO journalist, Ryan Sprague, the show features current and past UFO events from around the world, audio docs, and special guests. Join Ryan as he asks new questions and perhaps even finds some answers to the mysteries that lay somewhere in the skies.


Date: 03-06-2019
Title: Mysterious Deaths of UFO Researchers

DOWNLOAD - STS030619KGRA - Somewhere In The Skies - Mysterious Deaths of UFO Researchers.mp3

Date: 02-20-2019
Title: Invasions and Crashes and Landings Oh My!

DOWNLOAD - STS022019KGRA - Somewhere In The Skies - Invasions and Crashes and Landings Oh MY!.mp3

Date: 01-16-2019
Title: UFO's in Pop Culture - Influencing Public Perception

DOWNLOAD - STS011619KGRA - Somewhere In The Skies - UFOs in Pop Culture- Influencing Public Perception.mp3

Date: 01-07-2019
Title: Project Blue Book with David O'Leary and Sean Jablonski

DOWNLOAD - STS010719KGRA - Somewhere In The Skies - Project Blue book with David O'Leary and Sean Jablonski.mp3

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