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The Richard Dolan Show features two hours every week with one of the top minds and personalities in the alternative research community. Whatever the topic, Richard has a gift for inspiring listeners with his fearless curiosity, integrity, humanity, and humor. Known around the world for his groundbreaking historical research in the UFO field, he has gone far beyond to explore many other topics that are ignored or misrepresented by our mindless mass media. Today, he is recognized not only as our leading historian, but also one of our leading futurists. Don’t just listen to Richard. Call in so he can hear you. Because The Richard Dolan Show is a community where anyone who gives a damn can speak their mind. Just be on your game when you call. Tedium is not allowed.


Date: 12-18-2017
Title: Secret Government UFO Program Discussion with Chase Kloetske

DOWNLOAD - RDS121817KGRA - The Richard Dolan Show - Secret Government UFO Program Discussion with Chase Kloetske.mp3

Date: 12-04-2017
Title: Slaughterbots, The Year of The UFO: 1952 And Defending Freedom of Speech

DOWNLOAD - RDS120417KGRA - The Richard Dolan Show - Slaughterbots, 1952 UFO's And Defending Freedom of Speech.mp3

Date: 11-07-2017
Title: UFOs, ET's & Owls with Mike Clelland

DOWNLOAD - RDS110717KGRA - The Richard Dolan Show - UFOs-ETs & Owls.mp3

Date: 10-23-2017
Title: DeLonge on Disclosure + Forgotten UFO Files

DOWNLOAD - RDS102317KGRA - The Richard Dolan Show - DeLonge on Disclosure - Forgotten UFO Cases.mp3

Date: 09-18-2017
Title: Tpoics: Revisitng 9/11 & Forgotten UFO Cases

DOWNLOAD - RDS091817KGRA - The Richard Dolan Show - Revisiting 9-11 & Forgotten UFO Cases.mp3

Date: 07-31-2017
Title: Whistleblowers and Me - MUFON Symposium

DOWNLOAD - RDS073117KGRA - The Richard Dolan Show - Whistlblowers at thre MUFON Symposium.mp3

Date: 05-01-2017
Title: 100 Days of Trump + Remembering James Forrestal

DOWNLOAD - RDS050117KGRA - The Richard Dolan Show - 100 Days of Trump - Remeber James Forrestal.mp3

Date: 01-30-2017
Title: TRUMP & The Travel Ban

DOWNLOAD - RDS013017KGRA - The Richard Dolan Show - Trump Travel Ban.mp3

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