Phenomenon Radio

Phenomenon Radio is a show concept blending one of the most high profile experiencers with an Emmy Award winning investigative journalist to bring the most up to date and late breaking news and interviews to create a unique live weekly broadcast that delves into the UAP/UFO phenomenon like never before. With over 60 years of experience between them, John and Linda will combine their efforts in a monthly series format that focuses on specific levels of the Phenomenon that cannot be properly covered in a single 2 hour program. This show researches thought-provoking breakthroughs in the field of UAP/UFOs, to discover fascinating truths through first-hand accounts with investigative insights into the expanding confluence of physical and mental exposure to this worldwide phenomenon.


Date: 04-19-2018
Title: Special Guest Richard Dolan

DOWNLOAD - PRS041918KGRA - PHENOMENON RADIO - Special Guest Richard Dolan.mp3

Date: 03-29-2018
Title: Special Guest Stanton Friedman

DOWNLOAD - PRS032918KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Stanton Friedman.mp3

Date: 02-01-2018
Title: Open Minds - Alejandro Rojas

DOWNLOAD - PRS020118KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Alejandro Rojas.mp3

Date: 01-11-2018
Title: Dr. Eric Davis & Steven Bassett

DOWNLOAD - PRS011118KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Dr Eric Davis And Steven Bassett.mp3

Date: 01-04-2018
Title: Trending UFO-Videos with Richard M Dolan

DOWNLOAD - PRS010418KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Richard M Dolan.mp3

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