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Phenomenon Radio is a show concept blending one of the most high profile experiencers with an Emmy Award winning investigative journalist to bring the most up to date and late breaking news and interviews to create a unique live weekly broadcast that delves into the UAP/UFO phenomenon like never before. With over 60 years of experience between them, John and Linda will combine their efforts in a monthly series format that focuses on specific levels of the Phenomenon that cannot be properly covered in a single 2 hour program. This show researches thought-provoking breakthroughs in the field of UAP/UFOs, to discover fascinating truths through first-hand accounts with investigative insights into the expanding confluence of physical and mental exposure to this worldwide phenomenon.


Date: 11-31-2017
Title: New World Order with Special Guest: Nick Redfern

DOWNLOAD - PRS113117KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Special Guest Nick Refern & the New World Order.mp3

Date: 11-16-2017
Title: Special Guest: Retired AF-OSI Officer Richard Doty

DOWNLOAD - PRS111617KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Special Guest Retired AF OSI Officer Richard Doty.mp3

Date: 11-09-2017
Title: Special Guest Brian "S"

DOWNLOAD - PRS110917KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Special Guest Brian S.mp3

Date: 10-12-2017
Title: Grant Cameron And Nancy Tremaine

DOWNLOAD - PRS101217KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Grant Cameron And Nancy Tremaine.mp3

Date: 09-28-2017
Title: Guest: Joshua Rhinehall

DOWNLOAD - PRS092817KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Joshua Rhinehall.mp3

Date: 09-21-2017
Title: Guests: Joe Buchmann & Michael Gerloff

DOWNLOAD - PRS092117KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Joe Buchmann And Michael Gerloff.mp3

Date: 09-14-2017
Title: Click Bait Journalism & Chuck DeCaro

DOWNLOAD - PRS091417KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Chuck DeCaro.mp3

Date: 09-07-2017
Title: Babara Lamb & Whitley Strieber

DOWNLOAD - PRS090717KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Barbara Lamb & Whitley Strieber.mp3

Date: 07-27-2017
Title: Ricard M Dolan & Paul Dean

DOWNLOAD - PRS072717KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Richard Dolan & Paul Dean.mp3

Date: 07-20-2017
Title: Grant Cameron on Disclosure Pt 2

DOWNLOAD - PRS072017KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Grant Cameron on Disclosure Pt 2.mp3

Date: 06-22-2017
Title: Former Aide to Sen. John McCain-Cheryl Bennett

DOWNLOAD - PRS062217KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Cheryl Bennett.mp3

Date: 06-15-2017
Title: Tom Campbell "My Big Toe"

DOWNLOAD - PRS061517KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Tom Campbell.mp3

Date: 06-08-2017
Title: Special Guests: Ray Boeche & Nick Refern

DOWNLOAD - PRS060817KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Ray Boeche And Nick Redfern.mp3

Date: 06-01-2017
Title: National Security Investigative Journalist - Annie Jacobson

DOWNLOAD - PRS060117KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Annie Jacobson.mp3

Date: 04-06-2017
Title: Guest: Stan Gordon

DOWNLOAD - PRS040617KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Stan Gordon.mp3

Date: 03-23-2017
Title: GUEST: Jerry Wills

DOWNLOAD - PRS032317KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Jerry Wills.mp3

Date: 03-16-2017
Title: Guest: Grant Cameron on Disclosure Coming Summer 2017

DOWNLOAD - PRS031617KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Grant Cameron on Disclosure.mp3

Date: 03-09-2017
Title: Ronnie Dugdale & James Worrow

DOWNLOAD - PRS030917KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Ronnie Dugdale and James Worrow.mp3

Date: 02-23-2017
Title: Special Guest: Lyn Buchanon

DOWNLOAD - PRS022317KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Lyn Buchanon.mp3

Date: 02-02-2017
Title: Special Guest Jim Marrs

DOWNLOAD - PRS020217KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Jim Marrs.mp3

Date: 01-26-2017
Title: Author of Gods of Eden William Bramley

DOWNLOAD - PRS012617KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - William Bramley.mp3

Date: 01-19-2017
Title: Special Guests: Ronnie Dugdale And Rendlesham Witness, Cookie

DOWNLOAD - PRS011917KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Cookie.mp3

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