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Open life’s mystery box with Alan B. Smith as he chats with authors and researchers about UFOs, alien life, cryptozoology, metaphysics, spirituality, wellness, religion, hauntings, fringe science, sci-fi and more! Welcome to this inquiring and sometimes strange platform where we challenge assumptions about alternative and paranormal phenomenon. Surprising revelations from guests are common, and all sides of a story are welcome here on Paranormal Now. Live in the mystery!


Date: 03-21-2019
Title: Highlights from 2 Years of Paranormal Now - UFO's Metaphysics Paranormal

DOWNLOAD - PNR032119KGRA - Paranormal Now - Highlights from 2 Years of Paranormal Now_UFOs Metaphysics Paranormal.mp3

Date: 03-14-2019
Title: Varla Ventura - Among Mermaids and Ceature Tales ans Michael Jackson Contorversy

DOWNLOAD - PNR031419KGRA - Paranormal Now - Varla Ventura - Among Mermaids and Creature Tales & Michael Jackson Controversy.mp3

Date: 03-07-2019
Title: Kevin Randle - UFOs Reality and TV

DOWNLOAD - PNR030719KGRA - Paranormal Now - Kevin D Randle - UFOs Reality & TV.mp3

Date: 02-27-2019
Title: Crystal Hope Reed - Pet Psychic Communication

DOWNLOAD - PNR022719KGRA - Paranormal Now - Crystal Hope Reed - Pet Psychic Communication.mp3

Date: 02-14-2019
Title: Bruce Fenton - Alien Hybrids

DOWNLOAD - PNR021419KGRA - Paranormal Now - Bruce Fenton - Alien Hybrids.mp3

Date: 01-17-2019
Title: William Galison and Dick Larson

DOWNLOAD - PNR011719KGRA - Paranormal Now - William Galison - Dick Larson.mp3

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