The official MUFON UFO Radio show is aired LIVE, exclusively on KGRA-db The Global Radio Alliance, Sunday Nights at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific.
Mufon is the largest civilian UFO research organization in the world. The official MUFON Radio show is designed to bring the public, the most in depth UFO case studies from the enormous vault of real ufo reports, submitted and investigated by MUFON.
The 2017 season MUFON UFO Radio Show & Traffic Report is hosted by Stan Seba and Nancy De’Sousa with executive producer Roger Marsh.


Date: 04-11-2017
Title: Professor Woodward & Debbie Ziegelmeyer

DOWNLOAD - MUR041117KGRA - MUFON UFO Radio - Prof Woodward & Debbie Ziegelmeyer.mp3

Date: 03-13-2017
Title: Angelia Sheer & Case Witness 'J'

DOWNLOAD - MUR031317KGRA - MUFON UFO Radio - Angelia Sheer 7 Case Witness J.mp3

Date: 03-07-2017
Title: Nevada MUFON & SAT Team Director Chase Kloetzke

DOWNLOAD - MUR030717KGRA - MUFON UFO Radio - Navada MUFON & Chase Kloetzke.mp3

Date: 02-28-2017
Title: Michael Schraatt & CMS Case # 75071

DOWNLOAD - MUR022817KGRA - MUFON UFO Radio - Michael Shratt & CMS Case 75071.mp3

Date: 02-21-2017
Title: Explore Case # 62976

DOWNLOAD - MUR022117KGRA - MUFON UFO Radio - Case 62976.mp3

Date: 02-07-2017
Title: Military Witness Mark, in Casr #80558

DOWNLOAD - MUR020717KGRA - MUFON UFO Radio - Military Witness Mark.mp3

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