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Let’s Talk Paranormal with Tracie Austin – Bringing Thought Provoking Discussion on the Subjects of the Paranormal, Supernatural and the Highly Strange!


Date: 09-30-2018
Title: Thom Reed And Judge Kevin Titus

DOWNLOAD - LTP093018KGRA - Lets Talk Paranormal - Thom Reed and Judge Kevin Titus.mp3

Date: 08-12-2018
Title: Maria Schmidt Scotty Rorek Deb Robinson and Souvik Bhattacharjee

DOWNLOAD - LTP081218KGRA - Lets Talk Paranormal - Maria Schmidt Scotty Rorek Deb Robinson And Souvik Bhattacharjee.mp3

Date: 04-15-2018
Title: Julia Siracusa Vanessa Hogle And Rachel Rodbell

DOWNLOAD - LTP041518KGRA - Lets Talk Paranormal - Julia Siracusa Vanessa Hogle And Rachel Rodbell.mp3

Date: 04-08-2018
Title: Joanna Summerscales And Bill Brooks

DOWNLOAD - LTP040818KGRA - Lets Talk Paranormal - Joanna Summerscales And Bill Brooks.mp3

Date: 03-04-2018
Title: Dr Mary Barrett Gavin Kelly And Paula Purcell

DOWNLOAD - LTP030418KGRA - Lets Talk Paranormal - Dr Mary Barrett Gavin Kelly & Paula Purcell.mp3

Date: 02-18-2018
Title: David Weatherly And Timothy Renner

DOWNLOAD - LTP021818KGRA - Lets Talk Paranormal - David Weatherly And Timothy Renner.mp3

Date: 02-11-2018
Title: MUFON Investigater Ken Pfeifer

DOWNLOAD - LTP021118KGRA - Lets Talk Paranormal - Ken Pfeifer.mp3

Date: 02-04-2018
Title: Flying Huminiods with Lon Strickler

DOWNLOAD - LTP020418KGRA - Lets Talk Paranormal - Lon Strickler.mp3

Date: 01-28-2018
Title: Dr. Laurin Bellg - Near Death Exp.

DOWNLOAD - LTP012818KGRA - Lets Talk Paranormal - Dr Laurin Bellg.mp3

Date: 01-21-2018
Title: with Preston Dennett

DOWNLOAD - LTP012118KGRA - Lets Talk Paranormal - Preston Dennett.mp3

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