Into The Fray

iNTO THE FRAY features speakers on various subjects including Cryptozoology, UFOlogy, all manners of the paranormal, and true crime. Some guests have life-changing experiences with the strange and unexplained, shared exclusively on iTF.


Date: 04-26-2019
Title: Melting Pot - Yucca Man, Boarman, Angels and Phantoms

DOWNLOAD - ITF042619KGRA - Into The Fray - Melting Pot - Yucca Man, Boarman, Angels and Phantoms.mp3

Date: 04-19-2019
Title: Bigfoot - White River

DOWNLOAD - ITF041919KGRA - Into The Fray - Bigfoot-White River.mp3

Date: 04-12-2019
Title: Dogman on Temple Road

DOWNLOAD - ITF041219KGRA - Into The Fray - Dogman on Temple Road.mp3

Date: 04-05-2019
Title: Bigfoot of Nevada

DOWNLOAD - ITF040519KGRA - Into The Fray - Bigfoot of Nevada.mp3

Date: 03-29-2019
Title: World of Perpetual Twilight

DOWNLOAD - ITF032919KGRA - Into The Fray - World of Perpetual Twilight.mp3

Date: 03-22-2019
Title: They Came From The Depths - Kraken Edition

DOWNLOAD - ITF032219KGRA - Into The Fray - They Came From the Depths-Kraken Edition.mp3

Date: 03-15-2019
Title: Far Too Close - A Wisconsin Dogman Story

DOWNLOAD - ITF031519KGRA - Into The Fray - Far Too Close - A Wisconsin Dogman Story.mp3

Date: 03-08-2019
Title: Thirio - Beasts of Land and Sky

DOWNLOAD - ITF030819KGRA - Into The Fray - Thirio-Beasts of Land and Sky.mp3

Date: 02-08-2019
Title: On The Trail Of...

DOWNLOAD - ITF020819KGRA - Into The Fray - On The Trail Of.mp3

Date: 02-01-2019
Title: Bigfoot Terror in the Woods - Volume One

DOWNLOAD - ITF020119KGRA - Into The Fray - Bigfoot Terror in the Woods - Volume One.mp3

Date: 01-25-2019
Title: The Ringing of the Bells

DOWNLOAD - ITF012519KGRA - Into The Fray - The Ringing of the Bells.mp3

Date: 01-18-2019
Title: Cage the Darkness

DOWNLOAD - ITF011819KGRA - Into The Fray - Cage the Darkness.mp3

Date: 01-11-2019
Title: In the Shadow of Big Red Eye

DOWNLOAD - ITF011119KGRA - Into The Fray - In the Shadow of Big Red Eye.mp3

Date: 01-04-2019
Title: Franklin and the Troll

DOWNLOAD - ITF010419KGRA - Into The Fray - Franklin and the Troll.mp3

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