Into The Fray

iNTO THE FRAY features speakers on various subjects including Cryptozoology, UFOlogy, all manners of the paranormal, and true crime. Some guests have life-changing experiences with the strange and unexplained, shared exclusively on iTF.


Date: 03-30-2018
Title: Vermont Bigfoot Encounters And Beyond

DOWNLOAD - iTF033018KGRA - Into The Fray - 131 Vermont Bigfoot Encounters and Beyond.mp3

Date: 03-09-2018
Title: Strange States Kentucky With Jeff Waldridge

DOWNLOAD - iTF030918KGRA - Into The Fray - 128 Strange States Kentucky with Jeff Waldridge.mp3

Date: 01-19-2018
Title: Night Of Peculiar Profusion

DOWNLOAD - iTF011918KGRA - Into The Fray - 121 Night of Peculiar Profusion.mp3

Date: 06-15-2018
Title: Strange Brau And The Moon Owl Prints

DOWNLOAD - ITF061518KGRA - Into The Fray - Strange Brau And The Moon Owl Prints.mp3

Date: 06-08-2018
Title: Freaky Florida Edition 1

DOWNLOAD - ITF060818KGRA - Into The Fray - Freaky Florida Edition 1.mp3

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