Expanded Perspectives

Expanded Perspectives is a truly unique audio experience for those interested in all things Fortean. Each episode Kyle and Cam present an open minded approach to these strange and unusual events. Each and every week they explore ancient history, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, the paranormal, serial killers, all things bizarre and showcase it with top notch audio, background music and sound effects. Kind of a new twist on old style story telling. From time to time they even have some of your favorite authors and researchers like Scott Wolter, Nick Redfern, Linda Godfrey, Lyle Blackburn, Micah Hanks, Jim Harold, John Anthony West, Robert Schoch and many, many others. If you are interested in fringe topics and enjoy a good story in laid back format then join Expanded Perspectives.


Date: 3--2017
Title: Winchester Mystery House

DOWNLOAD - Winchester_Mystery_House.mp3

Date: 3--2017
Title: The Unseen Protector

DOWNLOAD - The_Unseen_Protector.mp3

Date: 3--2017
Title: The Mountain tha Swallows People

DOWNLOAD - The_Mountain_tha_Swallows_People.mp3

Date: 3--2017
Title: Let's Snake A Deal

DOWNLOAD - Lets_Snake_A_Deal.mp3

Date: 3--2017
Title: Jack Parsons and the Occult

DOWNLOAD - Jack_Parsons_and_the_Occult.mp3

Date: 3--2017
Title: Cryptid Cats in Texas

DOWNLOAD - Cryptid_Cats_in_Texas.mp3

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