Dark Matters Radio

“Asking Questions and Questioning Answers” – Dive deep into UFO and Paranormal Research and Lunar Phenomena with Legendary Host Don Ecker. As a former Police Investigator and Director of Research for UFO magazine and Creator of Dark Matters Radio. Don digs deep into Dark Matters with high profile guests to bring you the information you need to better understand the world and space around us.


Date: 09-01-2017
Title: Special Guest: John Brandenburg

DOWNLOAD - DMR090117KGRA - Dark Matters Radio - Dr John Brandenburg.mp3

Date: 08-26-2017
Title: Open Lines August 26th 2017

DOWNLOAD - DMR082617KGRA - Dark Matters Radio - Open Lines August 26th 2017.mp3

Date: 08-19-2017
Title: Jeff Harman And Open Lines

DOWNLOAD - DMR081917KGRA - Dark Matters Radio - Jeff Harman And Open Lines.mp3

Date: 08-12-2017
Title: Open Lines August 12th 2017

DOWNLOAD - DMR081217KGRA - Dark Matters Radio - Open Lines August 12 2017.mp3

Date: 08-05-2017
Title: Open Lines August 5th 2017

DOWNLOAD - DMR080517KGRA - Dark Matters Radio - Open Lines Aug 5th 2017.mp3

Date: 08-04-2017
Title: Guest Jeff Harman

DOWNLOAD - DMR080417KGRA - Dark Matters Radio - Jeff Harman.mp3

Date: 07-29-2017
Title: Open Lines Episode 1

DOWNLOAD - DMR072917KGRA - Dark Matters Radio - Open Lines Ep 1.mp3

Date: 07-28-2017
Title: Guest Kevin Randle

DOWNLOAD - DMR072817KGRA - Dark Matters Radio - Kevin Randle.mp3

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